Tokodai Drives — The World Changes

Meeting the 130th Anniversary of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokodai) will celebrate its 130th anniversary in 2011. Tokodai's primary mission is to develop global human capabilities par excellence, pioneering research and education in science and technology.

The world has been changing dramatically in recent years. Climate change due to global warming shows that the Earth's bounty is finite. A host of problems has emerged, such as the rapid expansion of demand for petroleum products and the depletion of Earth's resources; the unbalance in the food supply and demand, and the lack of food self-sufficiency in Japan; and political instability in many parts of the world. All of these problems need to be solved globally. What can universities do to ameliorate them? How should Tokodai rise to these challenges as a science and engineering university?

We at Tokyo Institute of Technology are very conscious of the fact that we live in an age of heightened global competition. At the same time, we realize that collaboration is absolutely indispensable for us.

"Tokodai Responds."
In the project for the 130th anniversary of Tokodai, "Tokodai 130," Tokodai will appeal for responses to various global issues from many quarters based upon the Monodzukuri (Hands-on Technology) tradition. We will make the most efficient and productive use possible of the features of research and education at the university, conforming to the high expectations that society and the world have placed on us. By further developing the collaboration with industry, government and academia that has been cultivated so far, we will tackle the difficult problems before us.

To this end, we plan to build closer and more cooperative relationships with the over 80 universities that have already currently entered into agreements with us. At the same time, we will establish a new International Affairs Department, and intensify and expand international projects, including our activities in Asia based at our international offices in China, Thailand and the Philippines. We will enhance the quantity and quality of education of our overseas students, who account currently for 10 percent of our student population. With respect to fostering human resources, we will further develop system reform in the doctoral course programs, improve educational quality in the master course programs, and advance undergraduate and liberal arts education.

To fulfill these goals, your help is needed. Your understanding of our contribution to industry, society and the various international communities would be deeply appreciated, and your cooperation in "Tokodai 130" is genuinely sought.

One of Tokodai's strong points is the alumni and alumnae association, "Kuramae Kogyo Kai," with a history of over 90 years. A new four-story building called Tokyo Tech Front, which will function as Alumni House, will be completed as a landmark on the Ookayama Campus in fiscal year 2008. Based at the hall, we will pursue expanded exchanges among industries, society, and the wider community, as well as hold reunions for our alumni and alumnae. Concurrently, we are considering the creation of networks among faculty, students, researchers, staff, and individual alumni and alumnae, and hoping to obtain support to implement this project.

Tokodai is acting and responding to the many changes in our world.
We would be grateful for your support and cooperation in our endeavors.